Quality Student Oboe Reeds


Nightingale Oboe Reeds are made with the student's needs in mind. Each reed is handmade to medium strength and tuned to A=440. They are made with high quality cane and brass Pisoni staples. They are guaranteed to arrive without cracks or leaking sides.  Beginner reeds are also available, and are appropriate for oboists in their 1st-2nd year of playing.  All reed orders receive FREE shipping!

Subscription service

Reeds may be purchased individually, or pick the "Subscription" option to get reeds delivered automatically to your doorstep each month.  A subscription service will guarantee you have working reeds in your case each month! 


Nightingale reeds have a warm, dark tone quality, with plenty of ring in the sound for projection. They will vibrate with minimal effort and play in tune from pianissimo through fortissimo.